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Human Resource Managment System


Human Resource Managment Offering

    Through a technology alliance with Knovada, Inc., CustomerSoft now offers a comprehensive Human Resource Management System for the management and administration of an organization’s employees and contractors. By providing the features and functionality summarized below, the organization will have a human resource system that is powerful yet flexible; simple yet scalable with an architecture that provides an extremely low cost of ownership and operation.

  • Hire to Fire/Retire Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Applicant Processing and Tracking
  • Automated Applicant Screening
  • Employee Appraisals
  • Employee Career Planning
  • Assignment Tracking
  • Employee Time Scheduling and Workflow Management
  • User Administration and Management
  • User Controlled Customization
  • Integrates with ERP System
  • Fully Web-Enabled

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Knovada HRMS